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The produced documentary film/DVD’s and Music CD’s impact will not only be of historic value, but will have positive influences on those viewing and listening to them today, and in the future. It will be of great inspirational value to both high school band directors and musicians themselves. It will prove to them that anything is possible; it only takes tenacious dedication to make dreams come true. The documentary film/DVD will give a complete record of the historic event to all its participants, a cherished item that they can pass on to future generations to come. The historical value and its’ importance to the state of Wyoming has been recognized by many state agencies: the American Heritage Center - University of Wyoming, the Wyoming State Archives, the Wyoming Arts Council, and the Wyoming State Historical Records Advisory Board. Each departmental director contacted endorsed the project, and want the film/DVD and Music CD submitted to them to be included in their archives.
A partnership has been established with the Wyoming Community Foundation to produce the film/DVD and Music CD, and upon completion, they will be sold on the retail market at various outlets throughout the state. All proceeds generated above and beyond the production costs and operational costs, will be donated to the Wyoming Arts Council, to be used for grant and/or scholarship funds for Wyoming students needing financial assistance to further their musical education.


Proceeds from the sale of the DVD's and music CD's go into the "1972 LHS Band Scholarship/Grant Fund," which is specifically for Wyoming students who wish to further their music education. Working directly with the Wyoming High Schools and state educational facilities it is our goal to assist students in achieving their music education goal. The "1972 LHS Band Scholarship/Grant Fund" will be a perpetuating fund making scholarship/grant monies available to students for years to come.
Production of the film/DVD requires digitizing the content of the 16mm movie film, audio tapes, 35mm slides, photographs, and the necessary print material (newspaper articles, programs, posters, trip memorabilia, etc.), which will then be transferred and formatted and produced into DVD format. The estimated cost to produce the documentary film/DVD and Music CD is $10,000.00, plus the duplication costs. An estimated breakdown is as follows:

DVD & Music CD Development/Production Costs:
16mm Film Digitization:..............................
$  1,000.00
Audio Tape Digitization:..............................
$     500.00
Slide Digitization:.......................................
$     600.00
Photograph Digitization:..............................
$     500.00
Newspaper Articles Digitization:..................
$     600.00
Print Material Digitization:...........................
$     600.00
DVD & Music CD Production Costs:............
$ 16,000.00
  Estimated Development/Production Cost:
$ 19,800.00
DVD & Music CD Duplication & Printing Costs:
2000 DVD’s w/Amaray Box and Insert
$ 3,500.00
2000 Music CD’s w/Jewel Box
$ 2,700.00

Estimated Duplication & Printing Costs:
$ 6,200.00
Marketing & Distribution Costs:
$ 2,500.00
Total Estimated Cost:      $28,500.00
Without the assistance of grant or donation funding, this historical event will not come to pass. Grant applications have been submitted to the Wyoming Historical Society, and other organizations that offer grants. In addition to grants, funding by Donation is also being sought from businesses, organizations, and individuals. Credit(s) to those who have donated to the project will be listed in the documentary. Upon receiving funding, this historical event will be documented completely and professionally. It will then be placed into the Wyoming State Archives, The American Heritage Center - University of Wyoming, and other locations throughout the state.

We are now fortunate to have the technology that allows us to record this historic event in a way not available at the time the event occurred. Recording this historic event before all the material and information which is available to us now, becomes either lost, forgotten, deteriorated or destroyed, is of utmost importance, and must be preserved and documented.


Greg Helm
Band President - 1972 LHS "Plainsmen" Band
PO Box 681857
Park City, UT 84068
(307) 760-2728
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